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5 Essential cooking utensils

5 Essential cooking utensils

These are a few kitchen tools to help you become a top chef in a vegan kitchen. With added links where you can find these on Amazon at a reasonable price and these are for the exact same items, we use at the time of this post.


Other than your standard everyday Pots and Pans, these products are used bi-daily to make our meals more exciting.


  1. Spiraliser – I find this to be super useful when following a raw based diet
  2. Juicer – this forms part of my morning ritual
  3. Blender – great for making sauces 
  4. Steamer – cooking and retaining the vegetable goodness 
  5. Chopping board – making goodness more bite size 
  6. Spatula- it’s great for getting all your sauces out from blenders, saucepans and most other places it gets stuck 



The first thing I start off with is a juice. I find that the goodness of the fruits and veg are best absorbed before consuming any other foods as the body has gone the longest time without any waste intake and if that’s not enough it’s a great way to wake and start the day.  See our recipes here

Find our Juicer Here




If you plan on or already follow a raw diet the spiraliser is a must, this little beauty can really take your meals to a new level, one of my favourites when making a raw meal is to spiralised some courgette to give a spaghetti-like base which is always a winner topped with a cashew or tomato-based sauce. And this would not be possible without a spiraliser. This is viable for as little as £3.99.  Find our Spiraliser Here




Not that you should skip meals but sometimes we do, whether we are fasting or too tired to make a large meal a smoothie or basis to form a soup is always a great replacement as it’s quick, easy and satisfying. And there is no better tool than a blender and the great thing is there are 100’s to choose from. 


smoothies we make to keep us going.


When I’m often training to lose weight, I tend not to eat meals after 4 pm however, my body still needs some goodness and that’s a great time to hit a juice or a smoothie  – Find our Blender Here




Have you ever boiled your veg and watched all the goodness pour down the drain when you drain your food? Yeah me too. The steamer minimise the loss of vital nutrients lost meaning you get a more nourishing and enriched meal and steamers start from as little as £3.00 and that’s exactly what we spent on ours 

Which is available here 



Chopping board

This is normally one of the first things any household buys for the kitchen and I’m sure you’ll already have one but if not definitely spend some time to invest in one of these bad boys, we’ve seen many chopping boards in our kitchen, however, after a while decided to invest in a decent wooden one to last the test of time. But with the vegan dimwit, in particular, you’ll find yourself forever chopping fruits and vegetables – Find our Chopping Board Here


So here’s a few items to get you on your way.



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