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Do vegans need supplements?

The quick answer: Not necessarily, unless you have a health condition and your doctor has prescribed them, then more time you do not have to take additional supplements. (always consult with your doctor).

Now for the Long answer:
When I first went vegan, I was unsure what I was missing and didn’t really know how to listen to my body. As such, I did a variety of research which bought back a whole array of different conflicting information. With this said, I did not want to take any risk and decided to add B12 (tablets), Vitamin D (tablets), Iron (tablets) and general multivitamins to my daily intake.


After the first year of being vegan, I found my body not reacting how I expected it to, often a bit cloudy and slightly more sensitive. I then decide to stop taking the added supplements and found that I was functioning and regulating fine without them. Feeling a bit more ‘Myself’, as such, I have not taken any supplements since and feel great. As we are all different and unique in our own way, some of us may feel the benefit in using some added supplements, however, as I stated in the short answer, in our view, you don’t need them unless prescribed by a medical practitioner. 


Quick disclaimer:

I am not a doctor or qualified nutritionist, however, I have completed extensive researched and learnt to understand my body’s requirements by listening to it more. 


With all that said, do I think it’s a good idea to take supplements? YES, if you have a low nutrition vegan diet. Although most ‘proceeds’ vegan foods have a good amount of proteins such as your tofu and soy-based products, there are many other vital vitamins, minerals and goodness that we are missing out on, especially if you do not have a good intake of vegetables, fruits and Nuts, unless you suffer from nut allergies.  

Foods you should be considering if you choose not to take supplements are the following:

Kale, Nuts and seeds, Beans (all edible types), green leafy veg, cucumbers, watermelon, jackfruit, fruits, avocado, lentils, kiwi, oranges, figs dates, Chick Peas, apricots and whole grains (rice). Having these in your diet, you will be supporting a fantastically balanced nourishing diet and providing your body and mind with the requirements to help you regulate and absorb the goodness you require.

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