The Family Favourite

The Family Favourite
Family Favourite

I had to call this ‘The Family Favourite’ because that’s exactly what it is. Everyone loves it. The taste buds jump for joy and it’s as simple as 1,2,3.

I’m surprised I did not make this one sooner and with that said, Pears are really underrated in my opinion, (I think Rick Ross was on to something). Especially when they are really ripe.

Although Fruits are good for you there are a lot of natural sugars, so we would always recommend more of our vegetable-based juice, however, this goes down most weekends.

This is all fruits and probably why the younger ones love it so much. But I cannot deny it’s my go-to drink for an early weekend hit of goodness and I prefer this one ice-free and only slightly cooled.

Ingredients you will need:

  • 2x Apples – Pink lady’s are a good choice
  • 3x Pears
  • 10 or so large Strawberries

Add the Apple, Pears and Strawberries to the juicer and once complete, pour into a glass and Enjoy! That’s It, simple and easy.

The Benefits of The Family Favourite is also a massive bonus. It is packed with Vitamin E, which is good for tissue healing, Skin health and fighting against Disease. There is also plenty of Fibre, which is perfect to help with bowel movement and lowering cholesterol. Strawberries are great for fighting disease, lowering blood pressure and balancing Calcium. And if you thought that wasn’t enough there’s a good amount of Magnesium for Bone strength and Muscle Function.

I also find it funny, how these taste so different from any pre-made shop bought juices. Must be the completely natural ingredients that you can pick up for less than a few pounds and serves the whole family.

If this one isn’t to your liking, try one of our other Juice which can be found Here but we hope you enjoy the benefits of the Family Favourite Raw vegan Juicing.


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