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Is vegan food healthy

Is vegan food healthy

Good question Yes and No,

There are many types of plant-based diets, so depending on the one you pick.

The Ugly Truth:

The vegan diet is a plant-based diet, therefore, you can eat any edible foods that don’t contain animal-based products, including, Meat, eggs, milk, cheese, gelatine and fats. However, you can still have Processed plant food, with the most common one being the soya bean which is used in most products designed to imitate meat-like products. With this said the biggest problem you can face is Sugar. 


This is my biggest struggle, due to my overly sweet tooth and I find it hard not to overindulge in cakes and vegan based sweets, and as you know most proceed foods including cereals, tinned foods and pastry’s sugar is very common bringing down the quality of your food intake. The second issue is Fried foods, we all love a stir fry or Saturday morning fry up and as you know these types of foods can be full of saturated fats that are just no good for us. 


The real Goodies: 

With all that said, the vegan/plant-based diet is also one of the cleanest and healthiest diets you can follow providing you minimise the above. As I mentioned in my article called “will being vegan help me lose weight” there are different plant-based diets which can be very suited to the lifestyle you choose.


In my opinion, the healthiest is the “None processed” diet – cooked foods but all in their most natural state, I find this best for the most modern day people, who might have to endure a working, family and or active social life. The reason I say this is most of us wants a nice hot cooked meal, which is going to be warm and satisfying as many people struggle to find that on a raw diet and I personally don’t think the odd slice of cake or pizza once in a blue moon can hurt. Life is for living and enjoying. 

What makes vegan food healthy?

  • It’s easier for the digestive system to break down the food.
  • The body absorbs the proteins, fibres, minerals, vitamins and all-around goodness a lot easier.
  • It’s not only better for the body, but it’s also cleaner for the environment which will effectively provide cleaner air due to less methane being produced
  • Animal-friendly and supports a kinder society.
  • It boosts natural remedies to fight illness 
  • And these are a few things that show why a good vegan diet is Healthy for you and the world around us.

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