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Our Vegan Journey.

So our story as to why we decided to go Vegan is one we never thought we would be telling if we’re honest. We didn’t even know what a “Vegan” was until 4 years ago!

We didn’t have any idea the actions we took over 4 years ago, would of lead us to Veganism. Jazz had this idea which later materialised that we should give up meat, (land animals only) for two weeks to see how we feel. Nearly every meal we ate contained a certain type of meat, we were so accustomed to this lifestyle, and with Jazz’s heritage being Jamaican we ate ALOT of Caribbean dishes containing rich heavy sauces and meat which we used to LOVE. So, the thought of permanently cutting out Meat from our diet didn’t ever cross our minds at this point.

 Jazz was intrigued to see how his body would react to giving up these meats as for a while prior to the 2 weeks he was feeling lethargic, bloated and generally worn down, and for Jacalyn, she was just happy to go with the flow and see what would happen.

Coming to the end of those two weeks we both felt much more energetic and we were waking up feeling less sluggish and less bloated, overall we just felt BETTER. It was then we asked each other and ourselves should we eat meat anymore? As I’m sure you’ve guessed it, the answer to that was a big fat NO! We can’t even remember what our last Land animal meat meal was!

So, at this point we were obviously still including Dairy and Fish in our diet within those two weeks, in our opinion, it was such an easy lifestyle, there was always an option in the restaurants and people understood what Pescatarian meant so there was no risk of being given something that you didn’t eat! We remained Pescatarians for 10 months.

We can’t recall the exact reasoning’s as to why, but Jacalyn started to replace normal milk in our food shop with Almond Milk, and Jazz randomly stopped buying/eating eggs. Seeing these alternative Milk options available triggered something, and we started researching more and more into the Dairy industry and understood a bit more about it, but for Jacalyn to give up cheese at this point was just a no go. She started looking into the Fishing Industry and found herself googling “Do Fish have feelings?” which then led down a never-ending Google path of the beautiful Ocean and the state it’s in with Plastic and Oil pollution, and what the Fish are consuming which we are then also eating. It didn’t take much to then convince herself to give up fish. Jazz was more hesitant because at the time he felt it was a good source of Omegas etc and he was initially giving up the Meat purely for health reasons alone. So after doing his own research about Fish and how you can gain a better state of health from cutting it out. It was long until we were on the same path. 

It was only at this point I came across the term Vegan when searching for Vegetarian recipes. We both started following more health concious people on Instagram and started to gain more knowledge about the process in how food gets to our supermarket shelves. The more you find out the more overwhelming it gets. Most people who live a Vegan lifestyle will have watched Erin Janus’  Youtube video “Dairy is Scary, The industry explained in 5 minutes” and that’s literally how long it took me to stop eating dairy. Jacalyn will confess she was a cheese fiend, but when you learn cheese is as addictive as crack it make you think what the hell have I been doing ot my body! 

It was a process for us we gave these products up gradually and we are SO grateful that we did, everyone who I’ve met who is Vegan has their own story. But for us, it was a journey of gaining more knowledge more control over our thoughts and breaking up with these indoctrinated ways of living from birth. It was a transition. One we are both thankful for!

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