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    Do vegans need supplements?

    The quick answer: Not necessarily, unless you have a health condition and your doctor has prescribed them, then more time you do not have to take additional supplements. (always consult with your doctor).

    Now for the Long answer:

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    Will being vegan help me loss weight

    The answer is simple – YES, without a doubt, as long as you do it right.

    Being vegan or a less taboo phase a ‘Plant-based diet’ has profound benefits and losing weight is one, now please note I am not a dietician or doctor, however, I am someone who has battled with weight and food treats all my life. 

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    Our Vegan Journey.

    So our story as to why we decided to go Vegan is one we never thought we would be telling if we’re honest. We didn’t even know what a “Vegan” was until 4 years ago!

    We didn’t have any idea the actions we took over 4 years ago, would of lead us to Veganism. Jazz had this idea which later materialised that we should give up meat, (land animals only) for two weeks to see how we feel. Nearly every meal we ate contained a certain type of meat, we were so accustomed to this lifestyle, and with Jazz’s heritage being Jamaican we ate ALOT of Caribbean dishes containing rich heavy sauces and meat which we used to LOVE. So, the thought of permanently cutting out Meat from our diet didn’t ever cross our minds at this point.