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Will being vegan help me loss weight

The answer is simple – YES, without a doubt, as long as you do it right.

Being vegan or a less taboo phase a ‘Plant-based diet’ has profound benefits and losing weight is one, now please note I am not a dietician or doctor, however, I am someone who has battled with weight and food treats all my life. 

There are many plant-based lifestyles as detailed below, from the purest to not the greatest:

  • Jain diet – super sain this diet only allows you to eat vegetables that do not have roots (religious reasons, to prevent injuries to insects)
  • raw vegan diet – all natural foods not cooked above 48degrees C – important to retain the enzymes and nutrients 
  • None processed diet – cooked foods but all in their most natural state 
  • Junk food vegan – burgers, chips, Tofu, processed soy, pasta,

Raw and none processed diets will all be great diets to help support weight lost providing you do not overindulge. If your main goal is to lose weight then we recommend seeing/speak to a nutritionist as we are all different and our bodies react in different ways. 

What do I eat? good question, I don’t stick to one way, my diet is quite mixed and often changing. When I first went vegan I had a heavy Junk food diet which was not good as I was missing out on a wide verity of nutrition from whole plant-based food. Now, however, my weekly meals consist of mainly a none processed diet and junk every now and again at weekends, I’m not super strict with this though and may slip up every now and then.

The main thing that prevents us from losing weight is a high sugar intake which you’re still allowed as a vegan on the Junk food diet and high carb intake. When I’m aiming to strip weight I lower my sugar intake and carbohydrates and mainly focus on 60% veg and 20% fruit and nuts, with a banana and peanut butter shake in the morning to keep me sustained. 

Over the cause of the next 3 months I will be focusing on getting my weight down and would love you to join me so we can do this together, however, I hope this information has been helpful. 

If you would like to come on this journey with me then you can follow my course were I’ll show you my weekly food plan in clouding water intake and my exercise routine 

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